Peter George d’Angelino Tap
d’Angelino Tap’s career spans a period of twenty-five years. In that time he has surpassed the boundaries that usually limit fashion designers and his designs have found their way to the worlds of theater, opera and ballet. His source of inspiration is the arts - whether poetry, music or the figurative arts. d’Angelino Tap’s inquisitive mind gives him an edge. He successfully integrates these disciplines into his designs and vice versa. d’Angelino Tap not only created countless ladies’ and gentlemen’s couture and ready to wear collections that were shown on international catwalks in Paris, Antwerp, Dűsseldorf and Berlin, but he simultaneously designed costumes for commercials, opera, theater and ballet productions. More recently he directed his first Opera in Switzerland. He has turned the set costumes and staging into one work of art. His affection for the arts in general, made it possible for him to participate actively in numerous projects and exhibitions in museums like the KunstHal in Rotterdam, and the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. Recently he presented his ‘Chansons Grises’ exposition divided over three museums in The Hague Panorama Mesdag Museum, Mesdag and Louis Couperus Museum. At the Moment his work is featured at expositions in st Moritz-Switzerland and Suzhou China.
The Artist
Dutch designer and artist Peter George d’Angelino Tap finds his inspiration in the arts – be it poetry, music or figurative arts. His inquisitive mind gave him an edge to succesfully integrate these arts in his work. His techniques involve tailoring, which he uses in very original ways to cut and shape garments. The materials he uses are often manipulated, cut and layered printed and embroidered , thus creating his own original materials . He uses wool and lace that are needlefelted into glamourous artful new materials Recently (2017/2018) he embraced the direction and design for the Bellini opera Bianca e Fernando, which was performed in St. Moritz and Basel and Interlaken . He coined the phrase Sartorial Statues for his work that, although it has been made according to the highest couture standards, can always be worn but is not forcefully meant to be worn in everyday life. His work that embraces and reveils is enjoyed especialy when exhibited. An example of his Sartorial Statues were e.g. displayed in three Hague museums in 2016. Titled Chansons Grises this collection of sartorial statues were inspired by painters Mesdag and Van Gogh and poets Verlaine and Couperus. Among the mulititude of collections he created is a Panta Rhei. This collection of 45 haute couture pieces was produced to celebrate the bicentennial of the kingdom of Netherlands in 2015. The life presentation of this oeuvre was attended by the president of Germany, the archduke of Luxemburg as well as the the royal couples of Belgium and the Netherlands.
The d’Angelino Bridal Collection
The bridal collection contains examples of wedding dresses. The definite dresses are made to measure. The client chooses her materials and the dress is made from scratch to fit her figure. So it is real couture, no adaption from a standard dress. Prices start from euro 4000 per dress, depending on the complexity of the design and the demands of the customer.