Rucksack Wedding For A Dancer

Anouk is a dancer, she teaches streetdance, zumba and theatre dance. She discovered Peter George at a show in Rotterdam and loved his work. “If I ever get married, he will make the dress” she promised herself. And when the event was there Peter George designed a versatile dress for her, in fact three dresses in one: a jacket for during the day, when the wedding ceremony took place with a lot of relatives attending.

Then the crowd moved to a restaurant for a reception. At the dinner Anouk could take off the jacket. For the evening party from 22.00 hrs (obviously with a lot of dancing going on) she could take off the top skirt and attach spectacular sleeves to her dress.

“I had one silly wish” Anouk tells, “at the time everybody knew me carrying a rucksack all the time, so I asked him if he could do something with rucksack, and he did: it was very cleverly integrated in the jacket.”

Anouk obviously was not the type for a white wedding. The skirt and top were made of a greenish printed real silk, the top skirt of a bronze shiny material that looked like gold in the sun.

In fact, the dress is an object of art, so Anouk has put up the dress in her living room. Peter George also made the suit for her husband, with two diff erent shirts to go with it. And her mother in law also ordered her outfi t with him.

So this was a complete d’Angelino’s wedding…!