Musical Wedding in Spain

Dutch Mezzo soprano Janneke Schaareman was married to her Spanish husband in his ancestral village near Alicante. As temperatures went up to 34° - 38° centigrade the wedding took place in the evening, which is quite usual over there. Her husband is a horn player, Peter George also designed his suit.

“I know Peter George from my student days at Artez School of Music in Arnhem”, tells Janneke. He used to dress many singers for concerts. At one time he asked music students to join him in his Paris fashion show. So up we went, students, models and costumes in a coach to Paris where we accompanied his fashion show with music. Peter George is a great music lover, his shows always have a musical component.

So years later when we decided to get married (never thought I ever would…), he was the first person that came into my mind to ask for the dress. I did not specify any wishes, apart from the dress to be strapless. As Peter George is so very good in adapting a dress to your body I was sure it would fit, and it did. As he knew me I was certain he would come up with a design that I liked.

When I first set eyes on it I really was flabbergasted, I was so moved!

He associated me with greenish blue, with Klimt as a style, which perfectly fits in with the late romantic period of my repertoire. The colous of the dress were inspired by amethists. It consists of various layers of material, which must have been a very time consuming process!

I am still very happy to have had the luxury of a dress that was uniquely designed for me. I still wear it for concerts.